Adidas Remake Their Most Iconic Sneakers in New Clean Classics Collection

@Adidas is continuing their move towards a more sustainable future by remaking their most iconic sneakers, the Stan Smith, Superstar, Continental 80, and the Supercourt, as part of their new #CleanClassics collection.

The @adidasoriginals vegan sneakers are constructed using Primegreen, a series of high-performance recycled materials. The uppers contain 70% recycled materials and the soles are built from renewable and reclaimed rubber.

The entire Clean Classics range features 100% recycled polyester lining and laces made from paper. Certain pairs including the Superstar have a vegan shell-toe, whilst others such as the Continental 80 have an algae-based EVA foam midsole, which @adidas claims, “helps clean at least 10 liters of polluted lake water.”

@Adidas has also altered their pattern cutting, reducing unnecessary waste and creating distinctive, new cuts and details.

The brand is very upfront that these new sneakers alone won’t save the planet, even printing the message on some of the shoes, however, they provide shoppers with a more sustainable option, and reconfirm @adidas’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in creating eco-friendly designs.

@Adidas is also using excess stock of their box material that wasn’t used because of changes or mistakes in the print to produce the #CleanClassicspackaging. The boxes will be cut efficiently, creating random print patterns so no two boxes will be the same.

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