Condition Report + Authentication

At Recast our aim is to educate and invite as many as possible to participate in the circular economy.

Some of our classic selections are pre cherished, and this is reflected in their price. Their integrity is intact, and we believe being pre cherished just adds to their story. Recast has attempted to document all signs of wear as accurately as possible at all times.

Recast has created a grading system to more accurately communicate the condition of our pieces. 

Act 1 – A piece that appears to have minimal use or wear.

Act 2 - A piece may exhibit minor signs of use. E.g.

- Corners may show some wear upon very close inspection;
- Hardware may have some minor scratches upon very close inspection;
- Lining may show some minor wear.

- Soles may show minor wear.

- The piece may be from past so it is assumed it has had some wear although this is not obvious.

Act 3 – A piece exhibiting signs of use. E.g.

- Corners may show wear;
- Some discolouration may have occurred;
- Lining may have some minor stains.

- Creases on the uppers;
- Wear on the soles.

- A repair has been made. (This will be always be noted)  


Recast only stocks authentic items. We do not handle copies or counterfeits. Recast closely examine each piece. This includes researching the history and scrutinising all details such as stitching, fabric, hardware, lining, etc, and employing third party authenticators. If we have any doubt about the authenticity, Recast will not list the item.