Balenciaga's Latest Collection Designed With Future In Mind

@Balenciaga’s head designer @demnagvasalia said the motivation behind the new Spring 2021 Ready To Wear collection was “imagining how fashion will be in 2030.”

Gvasalia used his time during the pandemic to reflect on how he sees the future of fashion and what role his designs will play. He said, “when thinking of the future, it’s not a Stanley Kubrick space-age vision for me. Mine is very much down to earth. Ten years from now, everything in fashion will be sustainable. No discussion, right? I think we will be reusing the clothes we have. Time makes things beautiful.”

Demna Gvasalia also spoke about the shape of his clothes, which are known for their oversized look.

“It became very obvious to try to do garments that are unisex, uni-size, uni-everything—or whatever we want to call it. It drastically reduced the number of cuts and fits we had to make. Also, I like the fact that according to who wears it, the silhouette changes, but whoever wears it, it looks good.”

A press release outlines that of #Balenciaga’s new Spring 2021 Ready To Wear Collection, “93.5% of the plain materials are either certified sustainable or upcycled. 100% of the print bases have sustainable certifications.”

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