Ganni Runs Pop Up Customization and Repair Station to Bring New Life to Clothes

Over the 15th-16th October Ganni ran a pop up customization and repair station at their Bremerholm Flagship store in Copenhagen.

They invited customers to bring in their old and new Ganni pieces to give them a new life. Items could see the addition of embroidery, buttons and one of a kind Ganni patches, as well as receiving alterations and repairs, all for free.

“We get it, sometimes we stop wearing our clothes because we forget about them, either they're a bad fit, are in need of repair or we get bored of them and they lose their aesthetic relevance. Getting your clothes tailored or customized is a way to prolong the life cycle of your garments, and in turn lowers their environmental impact by diverting materials from ending up in landfill. Sometimes, all it takes is adding a few buttons or adjusting a hemline to make a difference, and to make something feel completely new again.” - @Ganni

Ganni is a leader in sustainability and transparency, constantly striving to be better and sharing their findings along the way. They were inspired to host a customization and repair station after a study by Movinga discovered that Danish people only use 1/4 of their wardrobes. Similar research conducted in the US and UK has found the same results.

#Ganni is encouraging people to extend the life of their clothes, and reminding us all of the positive impact we can have on the planet if we reduce our consumption and more use from items we already have in our closets. This is Ganni’s first customization and repair pop-up and they are planning on rolling out more across more of their stores. #GANNILab

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