Stella McCartney Launches Eco-Friendly Collection That Blurs the Lines Between Lingerie and Swimwear

Recently, Stella McCartney launched #Stellawear, a new collection that merges lingerie and swimwear.

#Stellawear is designed to be empowering, stylish and versatile for modern living. Pieces are reversible and interchangeable to be worn as swimwear, lingerie or layered with everyday clothes as outerwear.

“It was important to me to design something that was made to last and inspires people to buy less and wear more,” McCartney told Vogue.

The range will streamline your wardrobe and allow you to move with ease between your workout, the beach, and lunch with friends.

Pieces are sculpted using zero waste warp-knit yarn. The elastane was constructed using pre-consumer recycled content and circular, zero waste regenerated nylon was produced from ocean plastics and textiles designed for landfill.

#Stellawear is McCartney’s most eco-friendly lingerie ever and protects against UV, is quick drying and safe in both chlorine and saltwater.

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