Tommy Hilfiger Announces New Sustainability Initiative "Make It Possible"

As featured in Australian Vogue on 31 August 2020, Tommy Hilfiger has announced a new sustainability strategy, titled Make It Possible.

With Make It Possible, the brand has identified 24 targets it aims to reach by 2030 as it works to actively uphold its ethos to ‘waste nothing and welcome all’.

The new initiative centres on four key pillars: Circle Round, Made for Life, Everyone Welcome and Opportunity for All. As these suggest, Make It Possible is guided by the overarching mission to create circular fashion, be climate-conscious and ensure inclusivity and equal opportunity for everyone.

As Tommy Hilfiger explained to Vogue’s Jen Nurick, “Inclusivity and diversity have been at the heart of the brand since day one. It’s through the collections we design, the models who take to our catwalk, the talent who feature in our campaigns or the programs we run internally. We champion these long-held values in everything we do.”

“Our brand has always been driven by that inclusive spirit even as we’ve evolved over the years, and our commitment to social and environmental sustainability is inspired by this foundation.”

As part of #MakeItPossible Tommy Hilfiger has promised that by 2025 every #TommyHilfiger garment will be designed to be re-usable and recyclable, as well as only using cotton from sustainable resources.

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