Vogue Unites Globally for September Issue "HOPE"

For the first time in @Vogue’s 128-year history, all 26 magazine issues globally united in solidarity under the theme of “Hope”.

Intended to celebrate positive voices from around the world that are pushing for change, the September 2020 edition “Hope” invites its readers to learn about and envision the possibilities for a brighter future, and promotes the belief that not all hope is lost.

#Vogue wants to inspire and encourage us as readers and active members of our community to continue generating meaningful and impactful change, and remind us that the solutions to current issues we care about are not so out of our reach.

@VogueAustralia, in particular, has created a diverse and inclusive issue, creating a standout front cover. In collaboration with the National Gallery of Australia, #VogueAustraliacommissioned the work of Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara artist and spiritual healer, Betty Muffler.

This is the first time in Vogue Australia’s 60-year history that a piece of artwork, and Aboriginal artwork, has featured on the cover.

Betty Muffler created a piece that communicates her own experience of finding hope through suffering and building resilience.

The #VogueHope edition features insightful pieces on diversity, inclusion, the climate crisis, and LGBTQ+ rights, reminding us of significant topics we can refocus our attention to during, and once the pandemic is over.

“Hope may be hard to find in a moment of crisis, but it also feels more essential than ever. It’s part of our shared humanity, a source of delight and inspiration, and keeps us focused on a brighter future.” Vogue US Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour.

The magazine provides an inspiring assortment of meaningful works that encourage self-reflection, empathy, compassion, and above all hope. #vogueforhope

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